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Cedi Aba Earrings

Cedi Aba Earrings

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Material: Gold overlay components, gold filled ear wire. 

My appreciation for cowrie shells is most seen in my jewelry. Cowrie shells have so much significance to me for a few good reasons:

  1. It was a universal form of currency whose relevance weaved into the cultural fibre of Ancient African societies.
  2. Cowries were used as trading currency long before the world adopted pounds, dollars, or any other form of paper/coin currency.
  3. Ghana’s currency the Cedi literally means “cowrie” is the Ghanaian language Fante.
  4. Cowrie shells are viewed as symbols of womanhood, fertility, birth and wealth.


Rock our cowrie she’ll drop earrings when attending a formal event or when you just want to elevate your everyday style. 

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